Why you should integrate your SaaS application with us?

We currently have 14 integrations with SaaS apps from marketing, sales, productivity to customer service.

What co-marketing opportunities are available?

We provide following co-marketing opportunities to those who integrate with us for mutual customer benefit:

  1. Joint press release
  2. Blog post
  3. Listing on www.edocr.com/apps
  4. Dedicated web page on edocr similar to www.edocr.com/marketo with ability to link to videos and your documents
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Email marketing to our user base - growing at 1000 every 5 days
  7. Coverage on our Zendesk help desk
  8. Coverage on our GetSatisfaction community help desk

What sales opportunities are available?

We value the ability to bundle complementary products for bringing greater benefit to customers. Do get in touch to discuss specific sales opportunities

How do I start?

Check out our API first. Then contact us by opening a ticket here.  

What type of integrations would bring benefit?

Example of integrations:

  1. Uploading documents to edocr.com for private and public sharing (e.g. Thetaboard and Malinko).
  2. Enrich your app with shareable and embedable documents (e.g. Get Satisfaction, Zendesk and Thetaboard). 
  3. Exporting leads to apps which could expedite lead nurturing (e.g. CapsuleCRM, Mailigen and Marketo).
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