New Release includes Secure Sharing, Highlights, and New Commenting System

Today’s update to Prizm Share makes the number one social publishing and sharing site even better. After reading through user suggestions and comments, we learned that there was a need for the ability to share some documents securely. So our developers went to work to create the brand new secure sharing features that are available for use now!


Users now have the ability to share their documents in three different ways:


  1. Create a private URL link and share your link with other individuals.


  1. Pick other Prizm Share users to add on your authorized list.


  1. Share the same way as before, with the world!


Another addition to Prizm Share is with new highlighting and commenting features. Users will now be able to highlight different sections of a document and add their comments to each highlighted passage.  Each users comments are saved with their username next to the documents so the owner can read through these comments.


Highlighting and commenting can also be used by the document owner to show specific sections of documents that they wish for others to evaluate. This will enable more effective collaboration and communication processes on these documents.

I was able to sit down with Dan Lee,  Product Manager for Prizm Share, to see how these new features will benefit Prizm Share users.


Q: Why are these new features so important to document security and integrity?

A: We have heard from many customers, that they really like the ability to share documents, without having to try to send them as attachments via email. They find sharing documents is easier and faster, it also enables them to quickly share those documents via social networks if they choose. That said, there are many uses cases where one of our customers wants to be able to share their document, and their comments about the document, with their co-workers or staff, but they need secure sharing to do that. So we really believe that our new secure sharing, highlighting and commenting tools will enable our customers to meet this need.


Q: Who will benefit the most from these features?

A: We have seen some interest from the education sector, where teachers want to upload documents to share with students, parents, and colleagues. Teachers can highlight areas for students to focus on, or add valuable comments to help further engage the students in the learning process. commenting also allows the students to participate in the conversation by making their own highlights and comments.


There is also interest from home services related businesses that are subject matter experts in say air conditioning for example. They can upload brochures, marketing materials, and user guides for the brands that they install, sell, and maintain. This becomes a benefit to their customers by having easy access to more information, and it helps the business create traffic to their website by having relevant, searchable and indexed content tied to information about the business itself. The business can then provide even more value by highlighting and commenting about key features of the branded product.

Q: What kind of sharing do you think will become more effective with these new features?

A:  In the last release we added auto-sharing, which allows you to upload a document and have it automatically share links on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So now, professionals who are sharing documents and insights in their areas of expertise and interest are able to do so more efficiently. The highlight and comment tools really help them engage others to have conversations around key points from the documents and web articles that they share.


We believe that these new features are paramount to the integrity and security that many of our users were looking for. Try out Prizm Share for yourself here and see how thousands of users are able to share their documents faster and more efficiently than ever before.

-- Christopher Groner, Accusoft

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