Prizm Share’s New Profile Pages Enhance User Experience

7/28/2015- The internet is a crowded place. Every company is trying to get itself more optimized for Google, paying SEO companies thousands of dollars to achieve this. But what if I told you it was possible for more people to find you by simply posting your company's documents? And not to mention, its free!

Prizm Share makes all of this possible and much more. Our text extraction enables Google to crawl and index the content on our site, creating SEO friendly content. And all of this comes from your published material. Simply upload your documents, make a compelling title, include a description, and let the world find what you have to offer!

Profile Pages

Our brand new profile pages will make finding you even better than before. You can now create a public profile page and include all of your company's pertinent information.

Include your company logo, links to all of your social media accounts, address, and website link. And if you don't have a website, use Prizm Share! You can populate your profile with all of your important documents and contact information. You can even pin your top 4 engaging documents to the top of your profile.

Our new profile pages are perfect for every company.

  • Restaurants can post their menus, weekly specials, hours of operation,and more
  • Realtors can post listings, gaining valuable SEO help in an extremely competitive industry
  • Schools can post important information for parents, forms, PTA minutes, and flyers for events.
  • Bloggers can post original content and share it on their social media accounts, utilizing our SEO help and highlight and commenting features.

The business possibilities are virtually endless with Prizm Share's new profile pages. Don't just utilize the SEO value, use Prizm Share as your company’s website! You can make your free account today by clicking here.

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